A summer time with no air conditioner

I was the oldest of several siblings in a single parent home.

Mama did the best he could for us, however to provide for so many, he had to work many different jobs. All of us were latch-key kids, as the expression goes, plus as the oldest I had to look out for our sibling plus brother. I won’t say it was an easy childhood, however the people I was with and I loved each other, plus Mama actually did try his best, the people I was with and I were just more than he could handle. Money was so tight, even with many jobs, that the people I was with and I had actually few creature comforts. One time our air conditioner broke down, plus he told us there simply wasn’t enough money to get it fixed. I decided to go to the public library the next day plus do some research about air conditioners. As fortune would have it, they carried many different manuals about the repair plus maintenance of Heating plus Air Conditioning systems, so I dug through them plus found the a single that looked most like ours. I spent the entire month pouring through that Heating plus Air Conditioning manual, comparing it to our house system, plus trying to figure out what I should do. I was terrified that I would make things worse, however after that I remembered that the air conditioner was already dead, plus I couldn’t chop it any worse than it was. I offered it a shot, took the air conditioner component apart, plus did our best to repair it… Did it work? No, sad to say this story doesn’t have a gleeful ending, plus the people I was with and I spent the whole summer time with no air conditioner.
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