A real treat

I was very happy to find that I got a statement credit of 200 bucks on my last electric bill! This happened because of some kind of overcharge that happened little by little over the course of a few years that customers didn’t notice. The statement credit was really a treat because my electric bill was very high this month because of the constant running of my central air conditioning system as of lately. It has been so hot that the central air conditioner has been running for nearly twenty four hours a day and seven days per week. This has put quite the damper on my energy bills. But thanks to this statement credit I got unexpectedly, the electric bill will be much easier to handle this month. I think that I need to try that method I have been hearing about where people are buying portable heating and air conditioning equipment to lower their electric bills. Like buying a portable air conditioning system and running it instead of the central air conditioning would do me a ton of good right now. Then in the winter maybe buying a portable space heater to do the same thing may be a wise idea. Because these high energy bills get quite hard to handle when the weather is extreme and the central heating and air conditioning system is running all of the darn time! I think I will start by buying a portable air conditioning system this coming weekend to give my central air conditioning a break. This will be the first test of it all!
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