A new opinion

I was never for portable heating and air conditioning equipment.

I always thought it was weak and would never be of any help in any situation.

Well, this was back in the day. Today, things are different because portable space heaters and portable air conditioning systems are now very powerful! They are so powerful that they can heat or cool a room in a matter of minutes. I am not joking. I didn’t believe it myself until a good friend of mine actually showed me. After finding this out about today’s portable space heaters and portable air conditioning systems I went right out and bought both. I wanted to have them as an emergency heat and a/c back up in the event my central heating and air conditioning system went down in the middle of a cold front or heatwave. This way I would be totally protected and not have to waste money on a hotel for the night if the heating and air conditioning company could not get out to me on the same exact day that the central heating and cooling system would break down. Before I would have to worry. But now with having the most brand new and up to date portable space heater and portable air conditioning system, I need not worry ever again because these will work to keep me warm or as cool as needed. My opinion sure has changed on portable air conditioning systems and portable space heaters from what it once was a short few years ago or so!
HVAC professional