A chocolate treat disaster courtesy of a faulty gas furnace

After being a sous chef in a hotel for eight years, I finally opened a small restaurant that caters for events.

  • As life would have it, we are bound to face challenges now and then.

One time, we were supposed to cater for a wedding. It was a winter wedding held indoors. Everything was going well until we laid out all the food and treats. The bridal party had an array of chocolate treats. The indoor temperature was steadily rising until the chocolate melted and ruined the appeal of some of the chocolate treats. The event planner was missing. I had to take it upon myself to find out what was wrong with the whole home heating system. A gas furnace ran the hall, and all attempts to bring the temperature down failed. It would be hard to get a home services company to respond quickly to save the day. One of my cooks told me that he has a friend who is an HVAC repairman and works for a heating corp nearby. In less than fifteen minutes, the tech had arrived. He did a furnace/heater tune-up and discovered a blocked HVAC duct. I panicked the minute he said that because I was unsure it would be an easy fix. He fixed the ductwork and advised the maintenance team to do duct cleaning within the week. He also cleaned the washable filter. After he finished, the boiler installation was running smoothly, and we had no hiccups with it after that. I was so impressed by the prompt response of that heating provider that I took their contact information so that they could install a gas fireplace in my house and advise me on energy-saving help.


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