A/c service in the haunted house

They also found the box containing the air conditioning filters torn open.

When I first moved into town, I quickly learned that the locals loved to gossip. One of the exciting gossip topics was the haunted house in town. The locals said that a wife murdered her husband in that house. They thought that the husband’s soul was still roaming the house. The couple had just bought the house a few months before the incident. A writer rented the place. The irony of the whole incident was that the writer wrote crime and mystery novels. He had just completed a bestseller about a wife murdering her husband. According to the locals, he moved to the house because he thought he would be more inspired and creative. The new tenant called the air conditioning company I worked for and requested an a/c repairman to find a location for a new air conditioner. We got a central air conditioner from the local air conditioning business and scheduled the a/c setup date. The decision to get the unit was ideal for the house as it was very dusty, and I assume it had mildew. For the climate control device, we opted for a digital thermostat. On a fitting day, I got a couple of air conditioning professionals to help with the air conditioning install. My team swore that they were howling when they were fixing the unit. They also found the box containing the air conditioning filters torn open. I noticed this when we left the site. The team carried on working like normal. We even had the chance to take the customer through the necessary a/c care guidelines. A requirement was to schedule a/c service at least once annually and a/c repairs as soon as needed.

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