It’s good to be warm without paying too much for heating and air conditioning

Where I lived, a heat pump was all you needed in the winter, so I had an idealized mindset about the season. It was like it was in those Christmas cartoons I watched as a kid, with fluffy snow and sledding and so forth. The realities of temperature changes had no bearing on how I viewed northern winters, but that’s changed, and it’s been quite a wake-up call for me! My wife’s mother lives in the North, and is getting to where she needs more care, so staying in the South wasn’t an option. When my wife had the chance to take a job promotion less than an hour from her mother, it was an easy decision. I support her on this, and I work from home, so I can work from anywhere. Living up here is temporary, so in the future we’ll be back to our heat pump, and air conditioning in the summer, but until then, I’ve had to figure out how to heat the house without spending a ton of money. With the help of our great neighbors, I found the answer – making sure the house is well-insulated! With no drafts, it’s easy to control the temperature settings. This is our third winter in the North and I have an HVAC contractor to help us out.



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Air filtration means everything!

I don’t love to make big statements because I usually regret them.

Sometimes, I make something out to be miraculous when it isn’t, so I hesitate when describing how much better our indoor air is due to air purification.

However, I love the air inside my house now! That wasn’t true for a long time. I didn’t realize my HVAC system was having problems! The problem started with the fact our house smelled bad. Airborne smells. They happen when you have a house full of people, two cats, and a dog, along with other sources. The HVAC system simply recycled those smells And this doesn’t even start to get into the health benefits of crisp, clean indoor air. That’s one reason that sold my wife and I on a whole home air purification system. For me, the problem was the smells – there was nothing I could do to cover them up or eliminate them. Our HVAC contractor changed everything. At the risk of carrying on about this, air purification changed my life. I love where I live again, and that matters. I’m so happy to have a whole home air purification system!


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I can’t believe I finally live in a place where I don’t need to use a heating system often

When my boss brought me into the office, I had the feeling that I might be offered a promotion. I was right, but he made it sound mysterious at first. He asked me if I would be okay living in a place where I don’t need to use a heating system. I was actually sick of living in a place where the winters were brutal. There were driving bans often and I would always break my back trying to shovel snow. When my boss was talking about a place without the need of a heating system, it sounded like a dream come true. I told him I would go wherever he needed me to go and I would move my family. Well, the job was indeed in the South in a beautiful location with good schools for the children and everything. I thanked my boss for this wonderful opportunity and promised not to let him down. The children were sad when we had to move, but my wife was very understanding and she didn’t mind. The new location has been great and I especially love going with my family to the beaches they have in our area. I actually really love our home and the heat pump we use is awesome. I never thought I would live in a place where I could get by with using a heat pump. These systems are great for places with mild winters, but they wouldn’t be much good anywhere else because they can only provide effective heating down to approximately 30 degrees but they are highly energy efficient and the cooling they provide is amazing.

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I always crank the A/C system when I play my game

I’ve been playing a rather brilliant game as of late.

It has the perfect combination of turn based battles with numerous types of enemies fought on the roads and in neverending dungeons.

You bring mercenaries onto your team and you send 4 at a time out to accomplish different quests and such which are very challenging. They not only can get killed from disease but also from fighting, losing too much blood, and other things of that nature. You might get caught in a trap and bleed to death and things of that nature without having a bandage handy. You seek gold, jewels, artifacts, and all sorts of things. Your people get stressed when there is not enough light from torches or a fireplace. It’s actually the fireplace where your adventures are able to relax and reduce their stress levels. Without reducing the levels of stress with a fireplace or other stress relief techniques such as playing the guitar, your people can max out in stress and have a heart attack. They will not die right away unless their health level is zero and they are on the brink of death. After quests are completed, you can send your stressed out mercenaries to the bars or the church to relax and get back to being ready for another quest. It’s old school too, so there are no HVAC systems for heating and cooling relief, they only have fireplaces for warmth. It really is an impressive game, but if you run out of gold, you basically can’t carry on, but at least you can sell artifacts for more gold. It’s extremely challenging, but an awesome game.


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