We had to switch off the air conditioner at midnight before it burned down the house

It was dead in the middle of a very hot summer. We had just finished my sister’s pre-wedding party. The last guest had just left. It was amazing and we had so much fun with all our girlfriends. We were all happy for my sister for finally getting married to the love of her life. It had been hot through the party but opening the windows helped. The climate control was reading high temperatures and though we had set the air conditioner at high, the effects were not as expected. After the guests left, our close friends and my sister gathered on the patio to have the last few drinks and reminisce on her singlehood. When we got back inside the house after my friends left, the air quality was nothing to be desired. The house was hot and humid. The digital thermostat was not working anymore. We switched off the central air conditioner since it was dispelling warm air. I checked the air conditioning filter to confirm if it was the issue. It was filthy and I did not have any spare one left. We switched on the fans to help us through the night. The a/c repairman from the local air conditioning company came to do the a/c service the following morning. We had barely slept because of the heat. The air conditioning install was done about 10 years back and the air conditioning professional confirmed that the unit was out of service. We got a new unit from the air conditioning business and the servicemen handled the a/c setup. We always made sure to keep up with the a/c repairs and the experts confirmed this. We had learned earlier on that a/c care was important for the unit and us because of the investment.

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