Throwaway filters are being replaced by washable filters

I plan to purchase a few HEPA filters, specifically washable HEPA filters.

In my new home, I’m going to replace all of my old filters with them.

I have a robot vacuum cleaner equipped with a normal filter. It should have a HEPA filter so it can capture more dust from the floor. Dust allergies are pretty bad for me, and I’m going to try to fix it so that I won’t sneeze my head off anymore. The old disposable filter in my Heating and A/C plan will be replaced this month with a washable HEPA filter from the local supplier. I can stop throwing all these filters away every three months and stop adding more litter to the dumps. Hopefully one day they will be able to make the garbage in the dumps just disappear. A solution must exist. Imagine all the old cooling systems, furnaces, and appliances in the dumps. Possibly, they could incinerate everything and turn it into dust without polluting the air. I am sure one day someone will figure out how to remove all of this waste piling up around the world. I’ll do my part and stop throwing out the filters for my heating and air conditioning and vacuum cleaner. I also have a filter in my kitchen exhaust fan that I plan to replace with a washable HEPA filter.



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