There will soon be some awesome residential HVAC

I can’t really articulate what a jolt to the system it has been to be renting again.

That hasn’t happened since I was in my mid twenties.

Prior to owning my first house, I lived in an apartment that was just the worst. It had the worst heating and cooling equipment you can imagine. My girlfriend at the time, who’s now my wife, we re so smitten with each other that it just didn’t matter. These days, my wife and I are still in love and are just the best partners. We’re also really excited about starting a brand new chapter of our lives. But now that I’m renting again, I’m sure noticing HVAC comfort. The place we’re renting is okay. It was somewhere to go after we sold the house. We upgraded HVAC equipment and did some other renovations to get the best price we could on the family home. But the packing and moving part we didn’t really plan very well. In fact, I wasn’t so sure that we wouldn’t get out of that house in time. When you’re trying to pare down more than 30 years worth of stuff, it takes a while. I can assure you there was some really long days and nights doing nothing but sorting through our stuff and packing what we were keeping. At least we had the new residential HVAC equipment which was nice. I’m glad we sold the house header and are simplifying our lives. But it sure has been tough and having not so great residential HVAC is a real motivator to figure out the next step.


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