There was a huge spot above me

I was downstairs in the laundry room last week, when I felt a drip hit our neck, and I looked up, only to realize that there was a big spot above me.

I could only pray that the pipe that was leaking was cold water, and not a hot water pipe. My fiance is not a plumber, but he tries, there aren’t enough curse words in the English language for my fiance to make repairs to plumbing. First off, he does not know what he is doing, and second off, he does not like plumbing. To wait until he got home would mean I would have to call a plumber who did emergency work and pay a lot of extra money. But I didn’t even know if there was such a thing as an emergency plumber. I went online to look for plumbers in our area, and to see if any did emergency work, but one person told me to shut the water off and he would be there first thing in the afternoon. I have two kids, and I cannot shut our water off. The next plumbing corporation I called told me they did emergency plumbing work, but it was going to cost me. I knew our child worked for a business that did plumbing, so I called him. I told him about the leak and asked if he thought he could help his father repair the leak. It wasn’t half an hour later when our child was at the house. He told me she would not charge me emergency plumber prices, but he was expecting a steak dinner the next time he came over.

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