The service company got rid of the dust and dirt

Throughout the last couple of years, my wife and I have noticed a lot of dust on the interior surfaces in our home.

At first I thought the problem was not dusting enough.

I realized that was not the issue when my wife started dusting everyday and we still had dust and dirt on all of the surfaces in our home. I read about this type of problem online. A lot of people suggested the issue could be with our ductwork. When there is a buildup of dust, dirt, and debris inside out the ductwork, every time the heater or air conditioner runs, the dust and debris is spread all over the house. I contacted a local HVAC company that handles this type of service on ductwork and HVAC systems. The service company sent two technicians to my house the next day. They used a camera to look inside of the ductwork. They took about a dozen pictures of the interior angles of the ductwork. It was very easy to see all of the dust and dirt that had built up inside of the duct work over the last 10 years. My wife and I never expected to see such a mess inside of our home. After the service company finished with all of the detailed work, they took after pictures to show us how things had changed. The service company absolutely got rid of all that dust and dirt and now my family and I are breathing much more easily. We will probably have this service performed yearly, since we know how well it works.
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