The pet hospital needed an air purification system.

She then asked if I would come around a single cday and look at the Heating & A/C system

My pup was in awful pain Last weekafter falling down the steps. I thought he had internal injuries or had broken something. I rushed him to the local pet hospital and took him into the emergency room. I sat there for 10 hours, and the smells were making myself and others sick. I was afraid that if I had to sit there much longer, I was going to throw up. The smell of dog urine and feces was overwhelming. All of us pet smell was permeating into my clothing, and the smell of sick pets was enough to make you pass out, however when I was finally called into the office, I had to say something. I told the nurse they needed an air purification proposal in their office. They had excellent Heating & A/C, however separate from the air purification system, it wasn’t going to do any good. She asked myself and others how I knew about the Heating & A/C and the air purification system, and I told her I was an Heating & A/C specialist. She checked over Puffer and told myself and others he was crying because he felt unsafe now. She showed myself and others how to swaddle him and I should baby him with some pet formula for awhile. He would come around shortly. She then asked if I would come around a single cday and look at the Heating & A/C system. She had been considering having an air purification proposal installed, however hadn’t had the time to call the Heating & A/C supplier. I was more than ecstatic to help out, especially when I found out she was also single, and my age. Two weeks later I was installing a whole-beach house air purification proposal into the pet hospital, and setting up my first date with the nurse and our pets.