The heating inserts kept us all nice and toasty while fishing

The other year, my buddies and I chose to go hang out at the pier and do some fishing.

  • Over the years, we have fished at many locations, but mostly places where we would go camping.

We’ve never been serious fishermen or anything, it’s more just a hobby. Sometimes we would catch some fish, and other times we would just hang out and not catch a thing. It didn’t necessarily matter if we didn’t catch anything because we would always have a bit of food with us to enjoy a nice dinner regardless. Well, when we started hanging out at the pier, we were shocked at how many fish we were catching. We honestly caught so many that we ended up letting a lot of them go and at that point, it was basically a sport for us to see who could catch the most. The only problem is that it was very chilly out there. I remember telling the guys that I should have brought my portable heater inserts for my jacket. They all looked at me surprised when I told them about the heater inserts. They were actually a gift from my wife and I hadn’t even used them yet. Of course, I made sure they were charged and ready to go for a time that I thought I should try them out. That first fishing trip at the pier would have been perfect, but we still had a great time even though it was chilly. The next time we all went to the pier, my buddies had heater inserts too. They said they were all curious what they would be like and we all enjoyed these heating devices for the first time together and loved them! They kept us nice and toasty even though we were wearing light jackets.