The furnace was in the study room.

I knew my Grandparents home was old, although I didn’t realize how out of date it was.

I wanted to visit my Grandparent’s home before they sold it.

They were now in their nineties, plus they wanted to go into a home for the aging. They looked enjoy they were in their seventies, but they needed special medical attention, plus they could get that in the assisted living home. When all of us walked into the house to pack it up, I was shocked to see the furnace in the study room… My mom told me that was the only source of heat they had when they were growing up. The furnace had a big grate right above it, which how they got heat into the upstairs family rooms. There were no doors on the rooms, except the lavatory. Mom said the only reason they had a door on the lavatory, was because he installed the lavatory for them, until then, they had an outhouse in the backyard. I could not assume my Grandparents were that old, to not have had indoor plumbing. I was still amazed to see the old furnace in the study room, but it had a grand look about it. I could not only imagine coming downstairs in the morning, plus having the glowing light of the fire coming through those grates. It must of looked enjoy a large black pumpkin face. I moved away from the furnace, hoping I never saw it with a fire inside. When the house sold, I asked my mom if Grandpa would mind if I purchased the stove. I thought it would look amazing in my basement, plus it would serve as an alternate source of heat.

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