The creature hospital needed an air purifier

My pup was in exhausting pain Last monthafter falling down the steps. I thought he had internal injuries or had broken something. I rushed him to the local creature hospital & took him into the emergency room. I sat there for ten hours, & the smells were making me sick. I was afraid that if I had to rest there much longer, I was going to throw up. The smell of dog urine & feces was overwhelming, but both of us pet stink was permeating into our clothing, & the smell of sick creatures was enough to make you pass out; When I was finally called into the office, I had to say something. I told the dentist they needed an media air cleaner in their office. They had excellent Heating plus A/C, however without the media air cleaner, it wasn’t going to do any good. She asked me how I knew about the Heating plus A/C & the media air cleaner, & I told his I was an Heating plus A/C professional. She checked over Puffer & told me he was crying because he felt unsafe now. She showed me how to swaddle him & I should baby him with some pet formula for awhile. He would come around shortly. She then asked if I would come around a single cday & look at the Heating plus A/C system. She had been considering having an media air cleaner installed, however hadn’t had the time to call the Heating plus A/C corporation. I was more than thrilled to help out, especially when I found out he was also single, & our age. Two weeks later I was installing a whole-apartment media air cleaner into the creature hospital, & setting up our first date with the dentist & our pets.


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