Switching to washable filters from disposable filters

I’m gonna buy a few HEPA filters, specifically washable HEPA filters.

All my old filters are going to be replaced by these in my new place.

I have a robot vacuum cleaner. A HEPA filter would make it better at catching dust. Dust allergies make me sneeze my head off, and I’m trying to fix that. I will have a washable HEPA filter installed in my Heating and A/C plan this month in place of the old disposable filter. I can stop throwing all these filters away every three months and stop adding to the trash. One day, garbage in the dumps will just disappear. The problem has to be solved. The dump must be filled with old cooling systems, furnaces, and appliances. Maybe it is possible to incinerate everything without polluting the air. I am sure one day someone will figure out how to remove all of this waste piling up around the world. My part is to stop throwing out the air conditioning and heating filters, as well as the vacuum cleaner filters. A washable HEPA filter will also replace the filter in my kitchen exhaust fan.
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