So impressed with new HVAC unit

I can’t believe the difference in the quality heating and air now that we upgraded the HVAC equipment.

This was something that we figured we’d do earlier than we did.

But the old heat pump just kept on running. I’m really not one to simply get rid of something that keeps running. I mean, why throw away something that is still useful? Once we bought this house, we chose to keep the heat pump that came with it. It just made sense since it was only a dozen years old and produced decent residential HVAC. We also had the HVAC company do seasonal HVAC maintenance on it each year. I believe that’s the reason the HVAC equipment ran for as long as it did. We thought we’d have that old heat pump for maybe seven or eight years before we had to replace it. Well, it turned out to be almost a dozen years and we’re just now getting accustomed to the latest in residential HVAC. We knew we were in for a big change after meeting with the HVAC contractor to go over the heating and cooling needs we wanted met. Just from those meetings, I knew that HVAC technology had evolved to a great degree. But understanding the difference and experiencing the difference in the heating and cooling comfort of our home is something else. I can’t believe the smart thermostat and all it’s able to do. I don’t even have to worry about the thermostat setting anymore. And the SEER rating on the new heat pump is so high that we are paying way, way less for our air quality heating and air each month. It’s really been something to behold this HVAC upgrade.

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