Running in cheap shoes leads to plantar fasciitis

I now take the time to thoroughly hot up before start a run.

I developed plantar fasciitis in our feet from running in bad quality sneakers. I got married when I was only nineteen years old! My spouse and I had easily little money, and we were struggling to spend money our mortgage and cover the cost of automobile insurance and groceries! There was no extra room in the budget to cover a gym membership or purchase exercise equipment. I needed to figure out a way to keep in shape that was free. I used an seasoned pair of sneakers from Walmart and started running. Initially, I could only run about half of a mile before I was forced to a walking pace to catch our breath. It didn’t take long to build stamina. I eventually got to where I was running somewhere from six to many miles every day. I pushed myself to further distance and a faster pace, then running was the ideal exercise to clear our head, tone our muscles and burn calories, however completing a run put myself and others in a fantastic mood and ensured a more productive day, but however, the lack of support from our sneakers caused complications. It felt as if the bottoms of our feet were cutting open with every step. The pain got so disappointing that I could hardly walk. I needed to rest our feet, ice them and take pain medication. It was several years before I was able to take up running again! Once I could afford it, I invested into sneakers designed for running. I also spent some money on a pair of inserts for extra arch support. I now take the time to thoroughly hot up before start a run. I make sure to respectfully cool down at the end of a run. I never run several days in a row. On the days in-between, I try to stick with exercises that aren’t hard on our feet, such as swimming, biking or weight lifting.



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