My marriage was ruined without A/C.

I had been looking forward to our honeymoon for almost more than one years, and when our partner plus I got married, both of us decided to put off the honeymoon plus save some currency, and the two of us wanted to have the honeymoon both of us dreamed of, plus go to the Bahamas.

They displayed these luxury all inclusive hotels that you paid for nothing but the room, and of course the room both of us wanted had its own grotto, plus a private chef, at the rate of $3500 a night, the chef should feed us too, but it was what both of us wanted… Six nights plus six nights of pampering. The two of us had the tickets booked for our round trip flight, plus a private automobile ready to take us to plus pick us up at the airport. The two of us had sight seeing tours set up plus both of us were ready to go. When both of us got to the island, I was enthralled with the area, but i wished both of us could afford to live there, but the hotel was almost the cost of a downpayment on the home. Two nights in, there was a tropical storm that took out the power on the island, then like most hotels, the emergency lighting did not include A/C. The two of us were dripping with sweat without A/C, plus the ocean was too choppy to swim. The two of us spent some time in the grotto, but that didn’t stop us from needing A/C at night. I asked what it would cost if both of us were to leave early. They refunded our currency plus gave us a rain check for the following year, in any room both of us wanted. The allowed us to stay until both of us could get a flight back home.
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