My kid improved the HVAC company .

My kid has constantly been a bit of a smart alec, plus I liked her that way.

Jo knew a lot about computers plus even more about HVAC.

When Jo asked for work, I thought she meant that she wanted to become an HVAC worker or to job for the company. Jo told myself and others that if I provided her with work; she promised to help improve the HVAC company. I didn’t guess how Jo planned on doing this, since I wasn’t having superb luck growing my customer list. Jo asked myself and others if I trusted her? I entirely trusted Jo, even though I still didn’t guess what she could do to keep my small HVAC company alive. I told Jo I would supply her a job plus asked where she wanted to work. I expected Jo to say inventory, or something in that order, however she told myself and others she planned on working entirely from home. Jo was going to check out my social media presence plus look at my website before she did much else. Jo asked myself and others what social media sites I was on, plus I just looked at her. I asked if there were more platforms than Facebook plus twitter? I was kind of joking, however not really; Before I got home, the website was unique to me, plus Jo had myself and others signed up for every social media account she could get to. Jo told myself and others she added SEO to the website plus the social media platforms she had created. Jo said that if I didn’t see some fluctuations within the next more than one weeks, she would do more for me.

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