My air purifier has a pre-filter made from activated charcoal that collects dust and odors

I love getting new gadgets that help me with daily tasks and needs.

It’s still hard for me to think of a more versatile tool than a quality smartphone.

They replaced watches, GPS devices, MP3 players, flashlights, calendars, and many small, single-purpose electronic devices that you would have purchased in Radioshack back in the 1980s and 1990s. This is just scratching the bare surface of what a smartphone can do in all of its capacities. The best feature I’ve been exploiting recently is curbside pickup at all the local stores. These companies have apps where you can make an order online, pay for it ahead of time, and then pick it up from the store inside or at your car in the parking lot. Once your order is ready, the app sends a notification to your phone so you can head to the store. When you arrive, you hit the “check in” feature on the app and the employee brings out your order. It’s hard to beat those kinds of features when you compare smartphones to previous iterations of the cell phone. But as much as I love new technology, I’m still reluctant at times to embrace something that seems foreign to my own experiences. My girlfriend urged me to get one of those new 3-in-1 air purifiers for my bedroom after I told her about my respiratory allergies. I’m glad I listened to her because it comes with a pre-filter that is made from activated charcoal fibers. Aside from collecting large dust particles and preventing them from getting into your HEPA filter, they also absorb odors in your air. If you have pets, these charcoal filters could knock down dog or cat odors in your house.


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