Keep on heating up your day

We keep putting out new music every week just to create new art plus to connect with others, plus the two of us don’t care how many prefers or followers the two of us have, the two of us just want to put it out there.

Our latest song called Nobody’s Watching is a more solemn song about feeling lonely plus I believe it is 1 of our better music.

We make a lot of funny music plus teenagers music, however the two of us also want to make deeper music plus music with more meaning, plus I believe this latest song did a pretty fantastic task of doing that, heating up life with making art is a enjoyable way to connect, plus the local companies care about when the two of us play in front of their locales because the two of us bring people in. Who knows where this music path will take us however it is fun to create plus make new art for the world plus for ourselves. The Heating plus A/C business is enjoyable for coming up with material for our music, plus heat pumps plus cooling system systems can be fun topics to sing about. I believe tonight the two of us are going to make a video of us playing on this long rock pier that sticks out into the Mediterranean Sea, plus it should be a fantastic video. The heating plus cooling rep is going to film us tonight plus the two of us will sing a song about Heating plus A/C unit plus laboring on HVAC duct. It will legitimately be a funny song plus I believe the two of us can use it as a promo for the clubs that the two of us want to play in.

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