It’s a more advanced HVAC world today

When you really think about it, heating and air conditioning technology has advanced majorly from what it was about 15 years ago.

We have so many advancements it actually is hard for me to personally keep up with them all.

It seems like just yesterday that the smart thermostat was introduced. And now today with all the other stuff we have it is just amazing. The latest piece of heating and air conditioning technology that I came across which I think is wonderful is smart air vents. It is more of the smart technology world coming over to heating and air conditioning. And what it does is adjusts the air vents to direct the air flow automatically to help heat and cool your home much better. In a sense, it sort of works like heating and air conditioning zone control, however you can not control the temperature from room to room. But the smart air vents do smooth things out all together when it comes to directional air flow in your home. And you do not have to do anything. It detects when there is uneven temperatures and that is when it goes to work and redirects the air flow. That is something I would have never imagined would have been possible 15 years ago! Or even a few years ago. It really makes me wonder what could be next for heating and air conditioning technology. It almost seems that just when I think that we have gone as far as we can go it turns out that they invent something completely new that makes HVAC options even better!


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