If there is any HVAC issue, don’t call anyone but an HVAC professional

It was obvious as soon as I walked in the house and could see my breath.

  • It was that cold so the HVAC equipment had been off all day.

Yet, I walked to the thermostat to see if it had power and it sure did. After that, I checked the fuse box to make sure the breaker hadn’t tripped as we have two breakers for the HVAC equipment. But everything was just as it should be. And in my head, I knew I needed to just pick up the phone and call the HVAC company. But somehow that thought didn’t go from my head to my hands. I hesitated because it was after hours and I knew that that would be an expensive HVAC service call. So I decided to see if maybe I could figure out what was going on. Of course, that’s a stupid thing to do and in my head and heart I knew that. If it’s an air conditioner or a gas furnace, that’s the realm for HVAC professionals. It’s definitely not a place for a guy who works in the commercial HVAC of an office all day. But there I was trying to take the front panel off the gas furnace. I had no idea what I was actually looking for but I was just hoping there was something obvious. I’m lucky because that was right about when my wife came home. She put a stop to that immediately and called the HVAC company. Of course, my wife had read the HVAC warranty and knew that me messing around would void HVAC warranty. Plus, she knew full well I wasn’t going to fix anything anyway.

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