I am happy to have a new AC unit

In the summer time when there are cloudy days I love it. The main reason I love it so much is because the clouds cool things off a bit and I do not have to use my central air conditioning system. Having the central heating and air conditioning system running all the time really raises electric bills. And when there are no clouds that central air conditioning of mine is running non stop and I do not like that. My electric bills skyrocket like crazy. I have tried to look into different ways to save on energy use and the only possible option was to go out and buy a portable air conditioning system and use that in conjunction with the central heating and air conditioning system. However, it gets so hot here that just one portable air conditioning system will not work very well. I would have to buy a few or more of the portable air conditioning systems to even get the proper central cooling that the HVAC unit gives off. So I am kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. But when the clouds come rolling in, this makes it so that I do not even have to use the central air conditioning because things get a little cool outside. And just running a simple fan when the clouds are out on a hot summer day works just fine. It is strange how it works out, but this is the total one hundred percent truth of the matter. The clouds are really a great way to save on air conditioning use.

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