Hypothermic in an Ambulance with Air Conditioning

So what began as a normal cold water swim in the sea, ended an hour later with two cops and an ambulance at the scene.

This morning was colder than normal I noticed as I biked to my swim spot.

It was a good test of my fortitude and I took the plunge. I was exercising and spent more time than normal in the 55F water, maybe 30 minutes. When I got out I lost my equilibrium and was shaking and stumbling, hypothermia was setting in. They called an ambulance and cops and had me in the ambulance for 30 minutes. I was trying to warm up but they had the air conditioning blasting at me and I was too confused to ask them to turn it off. I have no idea why the air was on when outside it was about 45F, but I did know that I was still freezing cold from my dip. They finally turned on the heater and I slowly warmed up again. I was still shivering for another 30 or so minutes but the hypothermia was starting to dissipate. There is no heat pump in the sea and mother nature does not hold back her fury even on a calm day such as today. The sea has taken many lives from those who dare to challenge its limits and I was close to that limit today. As I sit in front of my space heater still trying to warm up from that slap on the wrist from the sea I have even more respect for the power of the earth’s oceans.

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