Her Air Quality Was Great

When I went to visit my friend’s house for the first time, I couldn’t believe how comfortable it was inside.

We both live in the city, which means rent is high and apartments are small and stuffy.

Her apartment was small as I expected, but she had it designed so beautifully and it felt much bigger than it actually was. Besides the size though, I noticed how great the air quality was. Living in the city means a lot of air pollution and odors, but her apartment air was clean and fresh. It felt like I was walking into an entirely separate world when I walked through the door. I asked her about the air, and she commented that nobody had ever picked up on it before. She said the landlord had actually replaced the entire HVAC system a year prior and the air vents were replaced four times per year. This was abnormal for a lot of landlords in the city because most of them didn’t care enough. My friend also said that she invested in a portable air purifier. Thankfully the apartment was small, so she only needed one air purifier. The air purifier was mighty though because the air quality was impeccable. It was so good that I began thinking about investing in the same air purifier. I wasn’t sure if it was worth it though because I didn’t have a landlord who took as great of care of the HVAC system. However, this was also a strong reason to buy one as well!

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