He said he was going to shake it up.

My husband had been doing all the servicing for the air conditioning unit, ever since the warranty ended. He wanted to save a bit of money and he was good at what he did. The HVAC technician came out and showed him what to do, and told him he did everything perfectly. Last week, he told me he wanted to shake things up. I thought he was going to go to work on Monday and make some changes. I was totally wrong. He planned on going into the basement over the weekend, and figuring out how to service the furnace. He had the laptop open, and the HVAC company’s website was open to the HOW TO page. He was going to try to clean the furnace and the opening to the ductwork. I wasn’t so sure about this. I asked if he wanted me to call the HVAC company and see if Bob was working. He said he had already asked if Bob was working, and he was away with his family for the weekend. He was going to do this on his own. I worried, because the furnace was already running. What if he forgot to turn the power off first? What if he got burnt, or the oil built up in the furnace and it exploded when he restarted it? What if he got inside and broke something, and the furnace wouldn’t work at all? It wasn’t extremely cold yet, but it was cold enough that we needed some heat. My husband said I had to have faith in him. I had faith, but that faith led to having faith that he knew nothing about the furnace.

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