Having the a/c and furnace ready for the winter

Now that the holiday season has passed, I’m eager to transport myself into the new year with warmer weather.

This happens every year, then once the holidays have ended, I’m ready for the sun plus hot temperatures that the Spring plus Summer bring.

This makes me entirely miserable plus grumpy throughout the hour and a half of Winter time because I’m cold… I don’t guess I’m alone in feeling this way either because all the people are ready for a fresh start too. The problem is that nobody can control the weather or the temperature, which means that we’re forced to endure the frosty weather until Mother Nature decides that we are ready for Spring. I’ve discovered that the best way to be okay with our lack of control over the temperature, was to create a late winter/early Spring checklist. This checklist has a bunch of items on it that make me assume I’m moving toward the warmer weather. One of the top items on that list is to call an HVAC dealer to come maintain our HVAC program for the warmer weather. I love to hire an HVAC dealer to maintain our HVAC program at least twice per year because it keeps our HVAC program running respectfully plus efficiently throughout the numerous seasons. Having an HVAC dealer come to maintenance our HVAC program earlier in the year benefits me because the HVAC dealer isn’t so tied up trying to maintenance every other house before the warmer weather too, however not only do I have our HVAC program tested, but I also go around plus clean our air vent covers off plus vacuum out the air duct to keep everything clean. These more than one small tasks make me assume I’m one step closer to the warmer weather plus I love that.

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