Getting on our Winter time Heating and A/C savings prep now

I mean, it’s no dang secret.

The Winter time comes each year and with it comes plenty of cold, snow and ice.

That’s the way it’s been year after year since I’ve been on the planet. And with all that cold, snow and ice comes the need for a nice bit of Heating and A/C heating. Thankfully, I have a great gas furnace that is only about 6 years old. But numerous years ago when that piece of Heating and A/C unit was being installed, I swore I was going to start prepping the apartment for winter. Five more winters went by where the gas furnace had to work too much and the apartment didn’t get prepped for winter. It’s like the kids went back to school in September and bang, the Heating and A/C contractor was out to do the heating repair and it was Winter time again. Of course, the fact that I sat on our butt seeing whatever football I could didn’t help matters at all. So this year, I decided to start now. It’s the middle of September, we’re starting to suppose about back to school shopping so I didn’t want to be late to the Heating and A/C party again this year. The first thing I did was to go to the Heating and A/C corporation website. This place is full of interesting facts and plenty of support for maintaining the Heating and A/C equipment. There is also a nice section on prepping a apartment for winter. So essentially, I simply went down the checklist 1 by 1. I’m taking it 1 bit at a time but I’ll for sure be done come September. And I’m going to have a cozy apartment this Winter time and save on Heating and A/C heating costs.


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