For tonight you aren’t a Heating expert

I was getting ready to finally meet my girlfriend’s parents.

I was upset enough before I picked her up, however now I was petrified, then the first words she said to myself and others was that if I enjoyed her I would do exactly as she said, and she then told myself and others that for tonight, you are NOT an Heating & A/C specialist, then you are Harold Butler, child of the local butcher, and you are just beach house for the weekend, but my mouth dropped open and I had no proposal what to say.

She lifted my chin and told myself and others she would explain later. I walked into the house and when she introduced myself and others as Harold Butler, I ignored her. I forgot that was my name for tonight. I was used to being Victor Swinski, local Heating & A/C specialist. I didn’t love being called Harold, but charlene’s mom asked what I did for a living and Charlene answered. She told her about myself and others being the child of the local butcher and I was only beach house for the weekend. An hour later, Charlene was helping her mom in the kitchen, however her dad leaned over and asked who I entirely was. I started to say I was Harold, although I could not remember the last name. I told him I was Victor Swinski, and I was a local Heating & A/C specialist. He told myself and others that if I enjoyed his child and wanted to marry her, I should stick with Charlene’s story. Her mother hated Heating & A/C specialists. I asked him why, and he told myself and others she thought they regularly overcharged and didn’t trust anyone who had to wear a uniform and wasn’t a police officer or soldier.


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