Enjoying freezing a/c after a long afternoon of hiking in the woods

My enjoy for hiking in the woods started early.

I assume fortunate to have a dad who was an avid outdoorsman in his younger years.

Before he met our mother, he went on hiking and hunting trips all of the time with his friends that he lived with at the time. Back then our dad was living in southern Michigan and would occasionally drive into southern Ontario to hike near Lake Huron. But he and his friends are now all scattered around the country in many sites. He hasn’t seen any of his high university friends in ages, and during the years since our father hasn’t actually made any up-to-date friends to be completely honest. His task consumes a lot of his time and whenever he is willing to do something outside, the most I can do is get him to acsupplier myself and others on a short hiking trip. More often than not I’m going on our hiking trips completely alone, but I don’t mind. It gives myself and others a chance to clear our head and figure out solutions to troubles that are grappling with our mind throughout the week. The fresh air is good for our head and exercise is good for our sedentary body. If I get too boiling when I’m out in the woods hiking, I guess that I can come home and cool off with their a/c set to a freezing setting. It’s nice having a strong a/c that rarely struggles to keep our apartment nice and freezing when it’s boiling outside. I can’t imagine how poor it would be if I was stuck with a bad air conditioning system that never worked and I hoped.
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