35% battery life left plus a fireplace

We haven’t had power for a few hours plus the ipad I am working on is down to 30% power left. It should be enough to get my work done although I hope the power comes on soon so all of our food in the fridge doesn’t spoil. I just went shopping sureterday plus bought a bunch of food, however luckily most of it is fruit plus veggies, which will last for a few mornings even without a fridge to keep them cool. I also have kefir in the fridge, however that can go a while too without refrigeration. My Heating plus Air Conditioning system isn’t going to do myself and others much enjoyable though, as it stopped heating up my flat as soon as the power went bye bye. I just need to keep the door of the fridge closed plus the freezing will stay in for quite a while. The local business will be out soon to look at our power plus hopefully the Heating plus Air Conditioning system will still be working once they restore the electricity in our building, however the site next to us is having work done plus I am sure that some bozo split a power line plus doesn’t even realize that he did it. I know sorry for the people next door because without heating their little baby is going to be cold. We will have power soon though plus all will be well once again for all the people in my building, but i have a fireplace to keep warm, so if it comes down to it the people I was with and I undoubtedly don’t need a heating plus cooling system to keep warm.


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